What to Buy for younger moms ?

it's under 30 and it has a spot for your wine glass it has a spot um for your ipad a spot for everything. it's so neat and i absolutely love it and i think this would be a great gift for a new mom to pamper herself in the bathtub.

1. recipe books

The last gift i have for new moms or younger moms is recipe books now if you are maybe a grandma or you are a mom to a younger mom. i think passing down a recipe book is so like beautiful and it's family traditions so that's why i included two different recipe books one's like more modern and one's more like traditional like family traditional type of looking um and i thought it'd be a really like beautiful gift if you buy it and then write out like all your family recipes in there to pass down to your younger daughter.
i think that's so beautiful her granddaughter whoever i think it's a very special gift and one that any woman would treasure okay let's move on to our mature women our queens our grandmas um i i love looking for gifts for like my grandma and mom.
2.Cute hat for mama
                                        Cute hat for mama. Click to buy.

just because especially my mom and grandma are very like traditional they love all the grandma gifts like you know the corny ones and stuff like they love all that and i just think. that's very special because some people some women are into that and don't want to have like the grandma hoodie and the grandma coffee mug or whatever but my mom and grandma are those women and i think it's very sweet and traditional.
i really enjoy that and cherish that so i have a couple of those items and then i have more like modern day gifts as well so the first thing is a teapot grandmas and older moms love tea
i love tea you don't have to be old to drink tea but i'm just saying and i just think a teapot on a stove is so classy and beautiful so i picked out two teapots to share with you today and the first one is going to be for like my farmhouse kitchen lovers i think this is so sweet.

3. tea sampler set

so here it is it has a cute little animals like the chicken on top so precious you could do that with like a tea sampler set which i have an amazing one that i will also share down below my husband got me it from amazon last year for christmas and i've loved the teas from it i can't think off the top of my head what brand it is but seriously so good would make a really cute gift and then i'm sharing the high-end one the one that i personally want for christmas myself and that's the mackenzie child's teapot and the courtly check this is a little bit of a pretty penny at 125 but it is a statement piece
it's a statement piece i think it's gorgeous i love it i'm obsessed with it hint my husband who's watching this um i i just think it's adorable and it's just a statement so
so if you are looking to spoil your mother or your grandma this is it okay next up is going to be a mother's ring so my mom has always said like she wants a mother's ring um sometime and i'm kind of like waiting to get her one until i know i'm having more kids or not
um so they are just a very timeless piece there's such a sentimental value to them and i love that so here it is and it's from things remembered and i just think it's very simple it cuts right to the chase there's not a lot of fuss to it i think it's very sentimental and would make any mom tear up and be so grateful that you thought of her to give her a gift like this whether it has the grandkids or just her kids birthstones on it it's a very heartwarming gift make sure though if you go to order
this that you order it immediately because it is december 5th today meaning we only have 20 days left.
um i just don't know maybe because like the bathtub is in my kids bathroom and like all their toys are always in it and it's just like it. it's not like peaceful and calm in that bathroom all the time so i'm just i don't know i'm not a big bath person maybe if i had like a fancy bathtub in our in our bathroom or something but um a lot of women are bath people and i love this tray.

How To treat these 5 Skin infection in dogs 🐕 with home remedies


[Music] skin problems in dogs are more prevalent in the warmer seasons dogs can suffer from mild to severe skin conditions many of which require professional treatment to resolve and keep from getting worse it's important to pay attention to any skin conditions your dog suffers from as they can indicate an underlying health condition that hasn't already been diagnosed but if the situation is mild or less severe you may be able to use these easy home remedies for five skin problems to give your dog some natural relief before we jump in we would like to share that monkey dog has come up with a pet app where you can keep track of your dog's vaccination make dog friends find pet services and helps you become a more responsible dog parent link to download as given in the description box below so the first remedy we have is the aspirin tea mixture for hot spot hot spot also known as acute moist dermatitis often triggered by scratching licking or chewing the affected area that eventually appears as a moist oozing redded area that is painful and very itchy to the dog it causes inflammation bacterial infection and continues to spread over time the best home remedies suggested by a professional vet dr andrew jones to treat the hot spot is the aspirin tea mixture to make the mixture you'll need aspirin it is an anti-inflammatory drug that will relieve pain and inflammation plain black tea it has tannins that will dry up the wound stop the infection and help it heal and lukewarm water so the first step is to soak one plain black tea bag into one cup of warm water and set it aside for 15 minutes now we'll add the aspirin tablets in our black tea the standard and safe dose of aspirin recommended by every vet is around 325 milligrams for 40 pounds which means approximately 80 milligrams for 10 pounds in our case we have 75 milligrams and our dog weighs 115 pounds so we can add around 10 to 15 tablets into the black tea mix well until the tablets are dissolved make sure the tea is at least warm to dissolve them completely now get your dog in a comfortable position and clip or trim the area around the hot spot carefully soak the gauze and disinfectant and wipe the whole area to disinfect now take a fresh gauze and dip it into the aspirin t solution and wipe down the whole area make sure the solution is at room temperature otherwise it will discomfort your dog repeat the steps four to five times a day for five to six days store the aspirin tea solution in your fridge to use later the second remedy we have is all natural green tea shampoo for doggy dandruff doggie dandruff is nothing but dry flaky skin that can be a red flag for a number of problems like allergies mange and other skin diseases but most often dry or flaky skin is nothing serious and can be controlled by this green tea shampoo for this you'll need castile soap that is gentle on the skin and a powerful cleanser that has great hydrating property plain green tea bag it is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that penetrate the hair follicles to nourish the dry flaky skin and also encourages growth the lavender essential oil has antimicrobial properties that prevent itchy skin or dandruff and any infections from growing and apple cider vinegar that is rich in vitamins and mineral good for dry skin and also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help with dandruff first we'll start with green tea take one cup warm water dip one green tea bag and set aside for 10 minutes take the same cup add two tablespoons castile soap in it [Music] add 10 drops of lavender essential oil add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and give it a nice swirl there you go bathe your dog with his all-natural green tea shampoo and let it sit for five minutes on your dog and then rinse it not only the doggie dandruff will go away but your dog will also have healthy skin and a shinier coat at the end our third remedy is aloe cedarwood spray for ticks and fleas ticks and fleas are the bane of any pet owner a lot of people are reluctant to use chemical flea treatments because of the possibility of a toxic reaction with the skin that's why we have the aloe cedarwood spray that is gentle and safe to eradicate the ticks or fleas unless it is a full-blown infestation to make this you'll need one a gentle skin astringent which will serve as a base solution for our spray aloe vera juice that will soothe and relieve the itchy skin with its anti-inflammatory properties lavender lemon and cedarwood essential oil these oils have great repellent properties as well as a strong smell that pests don't like at all for those who think essential oils are toxic for dogs well there are a number of approved studies that tell the essential oil is safe unless you are using less than two percent of it and also if you dilute it with water or carrier oil first take four tablespoons of spray base that is skin astringent in a cup add four tablespoons of aloe vera juice to it now add 10 drops of lavender essential oil 10 drops of lemon essential oil add 20 drops of cedarwood essential oil mix well and pour it into the spray bottle there you go shake well before you spray it on your dog spray once a day on your dog and avoid spraying it near your dog's eyes nose and mouth the fourth remedy is coconut aloe duo for sunburns dogs that have fair skin underneath their fur thin hair or hairless are at a greater potential for sunburn the first and most obvious sign of sunburn on a dog is redness on the dog's skin and will also be tender to the touch so we have this coconut aloe duo remedy to cure your dog's sunburn you'll need aloe vera pulp obviously for its anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the burned area and virgin coconut oil that helps to moisturize sunburned skin and minimize itching now take the chilled aloe vera pulp on your fingers and apply directly onto the sunburned area of skin and leave it to dry once it's dried take a little virgin coconut oil on your fingers and apply it to the same burned areas on your dog's skin follow these steps once a day for a few days until you see the change now the last remedy is 50 50 apple cider vinegar spray for itchy and irritated skin just like humans dogs can develop itchy uncomfortable skin for a number of reasons like environmental or food allergies which usually cause discomfort around a dog's paws ears groin and rump area some of these may require a trip to the vet while others can be treated with simple home remedies and one of these remedies is apple cider vinegar and for that you'll only need apple cider vinegar for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties help soothe itchy skin to make this spray take five tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup add five tablespoons of water to it mix well and pour into the spray bottle voila spray it on all affected areas of your dog's skin make sure you avoid the eyes and nose [Music] well these remedies are completely safe and highly suggested by professional vets to dog parents who want to go all natural with their dogs i hope this video was helpful to you we'll appreciate your thoughts on this video in the comment box thank you so much for watching and yeah our app is live now go and download monkeydog app the link is in the bio

How to TAKE CARE of a PUPPY 🐶 Complete Guide to Puppy Care


have you recently adopted a puppy are you thinking of adopting one in this new animal wised video we explain everything you should do to care for your new friend you will find all the information you need to prepare your home for the new arrival navigate the first days feed train and look after your puppy remember adopting a puppy is a serious commitment so be sure of your decision [Music] the first thing you should do after adopting a puppy is to take it to a vet most adoption centers will give you information about your puppy's health and keep it up to date with vaccinations but it's always a good idea to make a first visit to the vet the vet can perform a general checkup see if your puppy has parasites vaccinated if necessary and give you recommendations on feeding and care the vet can also suggest an approximate date for sterilization this is recommended to control canine overpopulation which results in thousands of abandoned and slaughtered animals each year remember that if possible you should not separate a pup from its mother and siblings before it reaches 8 to 10 weeks internal and external deworming are important aspects of basic puppy care as dogs can be infected by parasites such as fleas or intestinal worms although a small number of parasites may not be a problem they can cause complications such as anemia in puppies in addition they can infect other animals and humans too which is why it is important to deworm your puppy right at the start and carry out deworming every month your vet will suggest the most suitable product specific to your puppy in general internal deworming can begin from day 15 of a puppy's life external deworming should begin only after eight weeks another basic element of puppy care is vaccination the vaccination schedule begins when a puppy is about eight weeks old and is then repeated annually although it is not mandatory in all countries vaccinating against rabies is recommended during the first weeks of a puppy's life the vaccines are administrated in several consecutive doses until this vaccination period is over it is best not to take the puppy out for walks since it hasn't developed immunity yet and could get serious infections in some countries all dogs must be identified with a device called a microchip which is placed via subcutaneous injection and allows the dog to be located at all times do you want to know more about vaccinations for dogs here is the link to a video explaining all you need to know there are lots of products for puppy care on the market here is a list of essentials you need to prepare your home for a puppy [Music] remember to subscribe to our channel to keep up to date with everything we share basic training is also part of caring for your puppy this includes potty training teaching them to sit to interact with other animals and not to jump on people strain at the leash or to anything they find dog training classes are increasingly common and a good way to train your pup with professionals and develop your bond of course training should always be based on positive reinforcement this helps motivate the puppy to continue learning and internalize the actions better training not only improves behavior but is also a type of mental and physical stimulation essential to the puppy's proper development up here is the link for a video specifically on how to train your new puppy exercise is another important aspect as puppies need to channel all their accumulated energy in a positive way to fulfill a puppy's exercise needs some hours of the day should be devoted to play both indoors and outdoors let your puppy run but without overdoing it which can cause joint problems remember that they are still growing and excessive exercise can be harmful to their health in general to daily walks of 20 to 40 minutes each are recommended during which time more relaxed as well as active moments can be combined a puppy needs all the attention you can give this is something that many people don't consider when adopting a dog we recommend you calculate how much time you have as well as the costs of maintaining a puppy and then decide whether you can provide it with the optimal conditions for a good life a puppy that is left unattended will likely develop behavior problems that get worse during adulthood so if you give your new pup all your love use positive reinforcement and take care of it properly you will have a loyal companion for many years to come now you know the basics of good puppy care which one do you think is the most important leave us your comments and don't forget to give us a like if you enjoyed this video see you next time [Music]



with positive reinforcement you won't only teach your cat their name you can as well teach them to come on command mia come here what are you doing teaching our cat to come when cold it's very cute indoors but it becomes extremely important when we are on an adventure both for leash walking as well as in the event that they escaped if you're a newcast mom or a new cadet or even if you had a cat for a while and you want to take them on adventures with you consider subscribing i'm going to be uploading tips and tricks to help you go outdoors with your [Music] cat by a mix of emotion got my statement and i'm reading slow so i can understand it fully appreciate my standing i'm going to go with the bold assumption that you have a furry companion that probably it's a cat i'm also going to assume that you give your cat treats what happens when you get the bag of treats what does the cat do does it stay what it is does it keep on sleeping the sound of the back of treats has become an unconditioned stimulus which means that without us teaching our cats anything our cats are already reacting to it they understand that that sound comes with treats our cat has created already the positive association between the sound of the bag and receiving treats and therefore they react to it our cats have fallen victims of classic conditioning the fact that our cats react to the sound of the duck it's the irrefutable reality that cats can be trained so what we're going to do is leverage this association to get them calm when called today's tutorial it's going to be divided in three parts the first one we're going to teach our cut their name the second one we're going to teach them how to come on command the third one i want to share with you some tips and tricks that are going to make this training a lot easier you know that i like to give you homework so for today we're going to need treats we're going to need a clicker and most importantly we're going to need to make sure that our clicker is charged if you're wondering why your clicker doesn't have any batteries or where the usb port is to charge your clicker please pause the video for 5 minutes and watch this one instead i've created a tutorial where i explain what clicker training is and it's going to be very useful for you to watch that one first once you're done i'll be waiting for you here let's assume we all have treats we all have a clicker and that the clickers are charged let's go find a place where we can get our cats moving up and down we're going to start by saying their name and clicking right after then we're going to reward to start this exercise we're going to draw their attention with the treats nia [Music] mia at some point our cat is going to understand that whenever we say their name there's a trick coming when that happens they're going to start looking at us after we say their names at this point it's when we can move to the next stage of the training now instead of just giving them their treat we're going to throw it away when they finish eating we're going to say their name shake the treats and when they are within our arms reach we're going to click then throw it again [Music] after a few repetitions they're going to create the positive association between their name and treats and thus every time that we say their name they're going to come mia when this happens we can move to the next step you can start playing around the house say their name and see what happens meow [Music] teaching your cat to come when cold it's a pretty straightforward trick but we can face head ones i'm going to share with you some extra tips that are going to drastically increase your probabilities of success let's assume that your cat is food motivated it's not always the case but that's a topic for another video not all trades are created equal find that one treat that's going to make your cat go crazy for save the treat only for training sessions pre-feeding your cat which means having always a bowl of food ready for them on the floor it's very likely going to decrease their motivation for treats instead put your cat on a schedule make sure that they eat only two or three times a day wait for your cat to finish eating before calling their name again at some point they might even look at you waiting for the command from now on every time that you put the bowl of food down call their name even if they are already present yeah the clicker allows us to mark behaviors with quite a lot of precision try to mark the behavior always at the same distance i personally consider she came on command when she's within my arm's reach if you like the video give it a thumbs up this helps other cat owners know that this content is useful and it helps me reach more people thanks for watching enjoy the training stay down good girl then wait a second click here in the link or here i freaking never guess there's a link somewhere please click on the link

How to Train a Cat to Come When Called


many people think that you can't train a cat well they're wrong if you know what motivates your cat you can train it now training with fryi today is gonna be a little difficult cuz she's pretty snoozy but I'm just gonna see if she has a reaction to her favorite treat bag because that can be a great place to start for coming when called many cats know the sound of their treat bag and get excited right off the bat when they hear it so let's just see if she wakes up Oh suddenly we're interested so well it's not an ideal time to practice coming when called it is a good time to reinforce the association that hearing the treat bag needs good things now many cat owners already know about the treat bag effect but what they don't know is that it's really easy to capitalize on it to teach your cat to come and called the way to do that is to pair your cats names with the tree and the great news is since your cat knows the sound of a tree bag or a tree canister you can build on an already strong Association so in this case you might say your cat's name and then give them a treat so it'll go like this fryi and then I crazy on the bag which means the treat is coming and then I give her one now first when you're starting this you want to start right by your cat because they don't really know what you're trying to do start at a place where cat and you are most likely to be successful so rinse and repeat fryi crinkle crinkle and then give a treat now when you're ready to start working on coming when called you can begin working from a distance I'm not gonna do this with fryi today because she might walk right off the table if she happened to get up but what you would do is the same type of behavior say the cat's name crinkle the bag and as soon as they come over give a treat eventually the name that you give your cat for this exercise will become as powerful as the treat bag and you'll see that when you give the sound of your cat's name that your cat comes running for that treat over time you can stop using food and use scratches or other positive attention that your cat enjoys as a reinforcer just remember that it's not normal for cats to come when called in the wild so it's definitely a behavior that's worth paying for and that's how you teach your cat to come when called

How to Make Friends with Your Cat? -UNDERSTAND CAT BETTER


[Music] five ways to make friends with your cat [Music] everyone knows that cats are the most illogical and unpredictable pets can you work out what's going through that very little and however cats have their language and if you learn it there's a chance you'll understand them much better we've put together all the possible cat behaviors to help you find a common language with your pet well if it allows you to also we've prepared three essential tips that will help you communicate with cats better one the tail is raised a raised upward and curl tail means your cat is happy with its life congrats you are already best friends with your cat how did you manage to do it by the way do you know any secrets on how to please cats let us know in the comments below so that others can learn your tricks too [Music] occasional twitches occasional twitches means your cat is excited or worried about something also vets say when a cat nervously jerks its tail or keeps knocking its tail on the floor it means your pet is in pain or stressed maybe it's time to take your cat to a vet the fur gets out when the fur on the cat's tail jets out in different directions it means your fluffy friend is very excited or feels threatened the aim of fluffing the tail is to create an illusion that the cat is larger than it is that way your cat is showing its enemy that it's really big and scary to deal with the tail vibrates the cat vibrates its tail slightly when it's agitated and glad to see you it also means that your cat is excited waiting for something for instance for a treat the tail sticks straight up if your cat sticks its tail straight up and bends its back to form an end you need to pay special attention to this it's a sign of extreme aggression and it occurs during self-defense if nothing dangerous happens around try to calm your cat down by petting it the tail is inclined at a low angle the straight but inclined tail is a sign of slight aggression or fright also when a cat doesn't know if there is a friend or enemy around it keeps the tail at an angle of 45 degrees the tail is lower the cat lowers its tail toward the ground when it's frightened or feels guilty most often cats tuck their tails between their paws when they are afraid of something or someone also it's a sign of insecurity and Submission have a look around the house your cat has probably done something naughty and lowers its tail knowing that you're going to punish it the tail is wagging from side to side if your cat wags its tail sharply from side to side it means it is angry it's best to leave your pet alone however it might also be that your cat wants to play with you why do cats wag their tails while sitting next to their owners and feeling completely satisfied it's simple the cat checks if there's an enemy behind its back - the eyes dilated pupils dilated pupils indicates strong feelings playfulness agitation fright or aggression in case a house is new for your cat it dilates its pupils as a sign that it's not used in the new place yet your cat needs time to examine the situation and people around a direct look when a cat looks directly in your eyes it means it trusts you your pet is comfortable being around you a slow blink a slow blink indicates that your cat is calm your pet feels comfortable and safe sometimes it might even burrow while blinking slowly [Music] three interactions with people rubbing against you if a cat rubs against you it is marking you as its territory and property [Music] poking poking with a wet nose is an expression of attachment it indicates your cat feels comfortable and safe being around you rubbing his head or tail when a cat rubs its head side or tail against you it is just saying hello [Music] butting slightly but it knew slightly with its head is a sign of friendliness your pet is in love with you [Music] shifting from one pot to another cats often move from one part to another when they are happy or want to play licking you if a cat licks you it's a definite sign that it trusts you and considers you part of its family eating your hair when your cat bites your hair it's simply trying to clean you it is another strong sign of love and trust [Music] biting you when a cat bites you take it as a sign that your pet wants to be left alone yep cats also need to have some private time as well as us humans on the other hand light biting means your cat is just playing with you for other gestures if a cat raises its nose up and throws its head it's saying I see you cats often make this gesture to people walking past the window have you ever noticed it a cat might press its ears against its head if it feels scared or read or wants to play they also do this when they are sniffing something that's interested when a cat sticks its tongue out slightly in licks itself it's worried or anxious five cat language cats generally greet people or announce their presence with the short sound [Music] lengthy meowing indicates that your cat is very glad to see you this occurs if you're away from home for a long time immediately now might be a request for water or food a long sound a mix of purring and meowing is a more insistent request or demand [Music] along now is a complaint or indication of dissatisfaction also it might mean your cat is ready to fight a loud sound often indicates an urgent demand for instance your cat needs more food a purring or vibrating sound indicates a desire for closer contact for attention cats purr for various reasons but most often they do it when they are happy [Music] now here are the three important tabs to communicate with your cat better how to make your cat trust you lowering your cat to the ground make sure its paws have reached the floor your cat will trust you and know that it won't tumble if you let it go how to stroke your cat if you sit on the floor with your legs crossed and look at your cat it will interpret this as a friendly gesture and come up to you and let you stroke it also to ask for permission to stroke your cat stretch your hand out in its direction your middle finger should be a little lower than the others the cat will start rubbing its nose or face against your hand how to make your cat appear attack me go and hide and only appear when it's alone or here's a calm voice now you know how to find a common language with any cat by the way are you a cat person or a dog person hit the like button for cats and leave a short comment if you are in love with dogs don't forget to click subscribe to stay on the bright side of life [Music]

Best Pet Hair Removers You Should Try This


hey guys welcome back to my channel today i want to talk about some dog related items and if you've been watching me for a while you know that i have two corgis i have baby smalls he is three years old and i have karma who is one and a half and if you know about corgis you know they shed like crazy and i knew that before i got biggie and so i love dogs i love corgis i love my corgis and i can put up with it but you know when you're cleaning up there are some things that it's just so hard to get fur off of for example the bed it is always covered in fur even if our dogs just lay on the bed for a quick hot second there's going to be a bunch of fur left over from where they were laying so i decided to look into some good pet hair remover tools so one of the first things i looked into was something i saw someone talk about on instagram and that is this fur remover broom it's spelled for a spell like fur e mover so i don't know how you really actually say it but it's just a little fur pet broom that has these rubber bristles on them and it's supposed to help remove any fur out of the carpet and i thought this would be super helpful because i have the dyson vacuum and it fills up with fur so incredibly fast and the dyson vacuum isn't that big to begin with so i'm constantly making trips to the trash can with my vacuum filled with fur and sometimes that fur gets so thick inside the vacuum that it blocks the suction power and i feel like it picked up all the fur on those little carpets we have downstairs so i am so glad i bought this because it has made vacuuming so much easier is such a breeze now and the vacuum isn't filling up with all this crazy amount of fur and one thing i want to mention is how to actually extend this broom because i was reading the q a's on amazon i got this off amazon one person said that you extend this by pulling on the handle and i was like this isn't working so i asked my boyfriend to try and check it out maybe i'm just too weak and it actually extends from here and this is the part that actually turns so if you i like to hold on to the broom part of it and then i turn and it extends a good amount crazy right so if you for some reason had fur way up high i could probably get it out there too so just for storage so just for storage i like to keep this at its smaller uh adjusted height and i just kind of put it somewhere i don't know i don't really have a home for it yet because we're supposed to be moving so i'm not really trying hard and it was only 15 on amazon so i'll definitely link to that below so that you can get your hands on it as well and it's actually really easy to use you just kind of do it a few times and it's just so satisfying to see all the fur that you're actually picking up so the next thing i wanted to talk about is also something i found on amazon and it's called the chom chom roller so this is actually a lint roller alternative but not for your clothes for your other items like the bed the couch carpet again so when it comes to lint roller alternatives though i'm sure we've all seen this type of material before because i've definitely seen this on like a so it kind of looks like a almost like a spoon shaped thing with this on it like where the spoon itself would be i guess and i always thought that just never worked so i was a little hesitant but the reviews were so highly rated for this product that i thought you know i should just give this a try and i am pretty impressed so like i mentioned earlier in this video we have tons of dog fur on our bed and i feel like i'm always sleeping in fur it's just like a bed of fur and then it gets on our pillows because in the morning they like to wake us up and actually get us out the door earlier than we originally planned or if it's the weekend we want to sleep in but they're going to be there sitting above our head so i tried this on our bed and it took off the fur immediately it was kind of mind-blowing actually just because of my prior experience with this kind of material for lint rolling i just didn't think it was gonna work but it actually does and what i really like about it is that you can basically go up and down on your bed or on your couch and it picks up the fur either way either direction because you can see if you're going up if you're going upwards on something this goes up and if you're coming down this gets moved down and i'll give you a closer look at the fur okay so you can't really see a lot of fur right now because as this moves up and down it kind of pushes the fur back inside into the little dirt pan and there's the fur from my dogs so gross but also satisfying to know that i am not sleeping in a bed of fur anymore i think this is a great item for anyone who has any pets that shed whether it's a cat or a dog or some kind of maybe other exotic animal you may have the chom chom roller definitely would recommend this is great for your couch for your bed any other products that you any like any upholstery items this broom is great just for any carpets you have these are genuinely good products and i just really wanted to tell you guys about them because i genuinely enjoy them and i think they work great and i just wanted to let all you guys know about these products because no one told me about this before like if i had this a long time ago life would have been changed forever ago like i would not be sleeping in a bed of fur every night now i'm not and then for this i just can't believe that i was basically living in fur before i got these products not even vacuuming was enough because i feel like there was always fur left over just because i felt like the level of fur on our carpet was so thick it probably only got the first layer and there was probably another layer down below that i never got to before until i got this baby and just so you know the chom chom roller on their packaging which i saved just for you guys they call it the makers of this product call it the world's best pet hair remover so if you don't believe me maybe you'll believe it from these people and with that that is the end of this video i hope you guys enjoyed it and found it informative especially if you have any cats or dogs that shed like mine and i'll make sure to link to both of these products down below and as always if you're not subscribed to my channel please be sure you do i would really appreciate it i put out a video at least once a week sometimes twice a week i will have another video going up later next week probably on a wednesday or earlier of my nordstrom anniversary sale haul that'll be up in a few days i am waiting on one more package to arrive so stay tuned and i'll see you guys in the next video bye