🔥Tips on How to Give Cats A Bath For The First Time

Lucy Liu ski to ski my moose people ski but Emma oh he's so cute stay stick hey guys what's up it's Taylor and if you do not know me already make sure to hit that subscribe button down below and enjoy this video you know the deal with that so for today's video I hope this is focused because it doesn't look like it is I am going to be giving my cat's a bath for the first time and I figured what better time to film a video then while giving your kinda bath for today's video that is what I'm going to be doing I have both my cats laying on the ground they have no idea what is about to happen so I feel really bad for them but at the same time no I don't because they smell and they need a bath both of them they both just smell like dirty cat my bath is not the best bath in the world it definitely comes from a very shitty apartment but we're gonna work with it because I don't have no fancy baths like all these other youtubers you film videos and bathtubs like no I have this steel thing and we're gonna work with it today hi buddy hi so for today's video we have most ski boots kilo ski to ski actually it's moved but I like to ride through his name with a lot of other words so mu ski bouzouki he's the oldest and he is not going to be happy with me at all the next little baby we have is angel I just got her a few months ago and she is so precious look at her little body big hurry hey I don't know which cat to get back first I kind of want to give my kid a bath first because I feel like she will be easier it is to maintain actually when moon was a baby he loved water he would take showers with me he would take baths with me but I never gave him a real bath it was always him in the water so this is his first real bath with like actual soap and shit you so like water like a lot when he was a baby but this kitten I've got her one a few times like if she gets something out her I had to get her wet she hates it so with that being saying he's just focused so with that being said let's get right on into this video and also I don't know why I'm wearing grey because it's gonna turn black when I get wet [Music] Oh Oh so that hurt okay guys so I think we are ready to finally give my cats their first bath you're both just staring hi you ready for brown okay guys I'm grabbing my kitten let's see what the hell baby we hit don't scratch me don't scratch me oh my god I literally forgot like this kid has the longest nails like like razor freaking sharp okay we're gonna do the first day the first day okay I'm sorry I'm sorry it's okay it's okay okay no no no no baby okay oh my gosh this shampoo smells so good look at you being good now look at you being so good right now ah okay okay no no no no no no I never called her by her name I only call her a baby because that's where she is she's a baby the crush notion cocaine but other guys like what the fuck is that it's okay Ozzy after we got past the whole like attack mode and she doing pretty good okay no so you want to come in now you want to come in no okay Oh ow ow that wasn't my skin oh she's watched she's like oh my god I'm bleeding [Music] what and wash your butt okay you'll be good okay okay now we're gonna attempt to rinse this is not going to be good hold on baby hold on baby no oh my god her claws are out her claws are out they do not look very good Oh baby oh okay okay baby hold on maybe I have to get you wet it what do you mean good one more dog baby okay okay okay okay Oh baby okay I didn't want to get my hair wet Wow oh there you go there we go there we go there is Mama's look either little things I'll keep the weaker phase come here bitch sugar queen potty was showing her tween bothy yeah oh you smell like cherries No so now we are going to attempt to give Noah that mu its holder but thankfully his nails are clipped so if he does try to scratch me it won't hurt as bad as hers her done literally like this long and just they they just hurt so bad but um now it's moister so he's over there looking angel so I gotta grab him you're so fluffy beautiful no no no no no No you know move it's literally okay okay move you're so shocked okay we're working with it here we're working with it here shampoo check no you needed a bath so bad you are so greasy oh you're so cute okay Mama's gotcha hey now let's get your fluffy tail oh my god there it is there's the puffy tail you're doing so good you're doing so good baby guys he's doing so good I need to scrub your other side but I can't get it sorry baby you scrub your butt conference baby I'm sorry I'm sorry you battle with you oh okay baby you can't jump on me you get your luggage you're better here mama [Music] got this well you're all done well baby you're all done glady hey that was a good bet huh you guys want to see musky boo ski musky pussy what did you be a good kid oh there you have it kids it is not easy to Bath a cat bathe a cat I don't know as you can see both my cats don't like that very well but they had to have a bath they literally had to so no I was not abusing my cats so don't even comment this is not how you made the cat you know what you know what that's how I made my cats and guess what they're alive they're still healthy they're they're still gonna still good so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I need to get out of this bathtub but if you did make sure to give this video a big thumbs up and hit that subscribe button down below we are almost at 200,000 subscribers so please help me get there and with that being said I will see you guys in my next video peace love and happiness you

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