Best Pet Hair Removers You Should Try This


hey guys welcome back to my channel today i want to talk about some dog related items and if you've been watching me for a while you know that i have two corgis i have baby smalls he is three years old and i have karma who is one and a half and if you know about corgis you know they shed like crazy and i knew that before i got biggie and so i love dogs i love corgis i love my corgis and i can put up with it but you know when you're cleaning up there are some things that it's just so hard to get fur off of for example the bed it is always covered in fur even if our dogs just lay on the bed for a quick hot second there's going to be a bunch of fur left over from where they were laying so i decided to look into some good pet hair remover tools so one of the first things i looked into was something i saw someone talk about on instagram and that is this fur remover broom it's spelled for a spell like fur e mover so i don't know how you really actually say it but it's just a little fur pet broom that has these rubber bristles on them and it's supposed to help remove any fur out of the carpet and i thought this would be super helpful because i have the dyson vacuum and it fills up with fur so incredibly fast and the dyson vacuum isn't that big to begin with so i'm constantly making trips to the trash can with my vacuum filled with fur and sometimes that fur gets so thick inside the vacuum that it blocks the suction power and i feel like it picked up all the fur on those little carpets we have downstairs so i am so glad i bought this because it has made vacuuming so much easier is such a breeze now and the vacuum isn't filling up with all this crazy amount of fur and one thing i want to mention is how to actually extend this broom because i was reading the q a's on amazon i got this off amazon one person said that you extend this by pulling on the handle and i was like this isn't working so i asked my boyfriend to try and check it out maybe i'm just too weak and it actually extends from here and this is the part that actually turns so if you i like to hold on to the broom part of it and then i turn and it extends a good amount crazy right so if you for some reason had fur way up high i could probably get it out there too so just for storage so just for storage i like to keep this at its smaller uh adjusted height and i just kind of put it somewhere i don't know i don't really have a home for it yet because we're supposed to be moving so i'm not really trying hard and it was only 15 on amazon so i'll definitely link to that below so that you can get your hands on it as well and it's actually really easy to use you just kind of do it a few times and it's just so satisfying to see all the fur that you're actually picking up so the next thing i wanted to talk about is also something i found on amazon and it's called the chom chom roller so this is actually a lint roller alternative but not for your clothes for your other items like the bed the couch carpet again so when it comes to lint roller alternatives though i'm sure we've all seen this type of material before because i've definitely seen this on like a so it kind of looks like a almost like a spoon shaped thing with this on it like where the spoon itself would be i guess and i always thought that just never worked so i was a little hesitant but the reviews were so highly rated for this product that i thought you know i should just give this a try and i am pretty impressed so like i mentioned earlier in this video we have tons of dog fur on our bed and i feel like i'm always sleeping in fur it's just like a bed of fur and then it gets on our pillows because in the morning they like to wake us up and actually get us out the door earlier than we originally planned or if it's the weekend we want to sleep in but they're going to be there sitting above our head so i tried this on our bed and it took off the fur immediately it was kind of mind-blowing actually just because of my prior experience with this kind of material for lint rolling i just didn't think it was gonna work but it actually does and what i really like about it is that you can basically go up and down on your bed or on your couch and it picks up the fur either way either direction because you can see if you're going up if you're going upwards on something this goes up and if you're coming down this gets moved down and i'll give you a closer look at the fur okay so you can't really see a lot of fur right now because as this moves up and down it kind of pushes the fur back inside into the little dirt pan and there's the fur from my dogs so gross but also satisfying to know that i am not sleeping in a bed of fur anymore i think this is a great item for anyone who has any pets that shed whether it's a cat or a dog or some kind of maybe other exotic animal you may have the chom chom roller definitely would recommend this is great for your couch for your bed any other products that you any like any upholstery items this broom is great just for any carpets you have these are genuinely good products and i just really wanted to tell you guys about them because i genuinely enjoy them and i think they work great and i just wanted to let all you guys know about these products because no one told me about this before like if i had this a long time ago life would have been changed forever ago like i would not be sleeping in a bed of fur every night now i'm not and then for this i just can't believe that i was basically living in fur before i got these products not even vacuuming was enough because i feel like there was always fur left over just because i felt like the level of fur on our carpet was so thick it probably only got the first layer and there was probably another layer down below that i never got to before until i got this baby and just so you know the chom chom roller on their packaging which i saved just for you guys they call it the makers of this product call it the world's best pet hair remover so if you don't believe me maybe you'll believe it from these people and with that that is the end of this video i hope you guys enjoyed it and found it informative especially if you have any cats or dogs that shed like mine and i'll make sure to link to both of these products down below and as always if you're not subscribed to my channel please be sure you do i would really appreciate it i put out a video at least once a week sometimes twice a week i will have another video going up later next week probably on a wednesday or earlier of my nordstrom anniversary sale haul that'll be up in a few days i am waiting on one more package to arrive so stay tuned and i'll see you guys in the next video bye

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