with positive reinforcement you won't only teach your cat their name you can as well teach them to come on command mia come here what are you doing teaching our cat to come when cold it's very cute indoors but it becomes extremely important when we are on an adventure both for leash walking as well as in the event that they escaped if you're a newcast mom or a new cadet or even if you had a cat for a while and you want to take them on adventures with you consider subscribing i'm going to be uploading tips and tricks to help you go outdoors with your [Music] cat by a mix of emotion got my statement and i'm reading slow so i can understand it fully appreciate my standing i'm going to go with the bold assumption that you have a furry companion that probably it's a cat i'm also going to assume that you give your cat treats what happens when you get the bag of treats what does the cat do does it stay what it is does it keep on sleeping the sound of the back of treats has become an unconditioned stimulus which means that without us teaching our cats anything our cats are already reacting to it they understand that that sound comes with treats our cat has created already the positive association between the sound of the bag and receiving treats and therefore they react to it our cats have fallen victims of classic conditioning the fact that our cats react to the sound of the duck it's the irrefutable reality that cats can be trained so what we're going to do is leverage this association to get them calm when called today's tutorial it's going to be divided in three parts the first one we're going to teach our cut their name the second one we're going to teach them how to come on command the third one i want to share with you some tips and tricks that are going to make this training a lot easier you know that i like to give you homework so for today we're going to need treats we're going to need a clicker and most importantly we're going to need to make sure that our clicker is charged if you're wondering why your clicker doesn't have any batteries or where the usb port is to charge your clicker please pause the video for 5 minutes and watch this one instead i've created a tutorial where i explain what clicker training is and it's going to be very useful for you to watch that one first once you're done i'll be waiting for you here let's assume we all have treats we all have a clicker and that the clickers are charged let's go find a place where we can get our cats moving up and down we're going to start by saying their name and clicking right after then we're going to reward to start this exercise we're going to draw their attention with the treats nia [Music] mia at some point our cat is going to understand that whenever we say their name there's a trick coming when that happens they're going to start looking at us after we say their names at this point it's when we can move to the next stage of the training now instead of just giving them their treat we're going to throw it away when they finish eating we're going to say their name shake the treats and when they are within our arms reach we're going to click then throw it again [Music] after a few repetitions they're going to create the positive association between their name and treats and thus every time that we say their name they're going to come mia when this happens we can move to the next step you can start playing around the house say their name and see what happens meow [Music] teaching your cat to come when cold it's a pretty straightforward trick but we can face head ones i'm going to share with you some extra tips that are going to drastically increase your probabilities of success let's assume that your cat is food motivated it's not always the case but that's a topic for another video not all trades are created equal find that one treat that's going to make your cat go crazy for save the treat only for training sessions pre-feeding your cat which means having always a bowl of food ready for them on the floor it's very likely going to decrease their motivation for treats instead put your cat on a schedule make sure that they eat only two or three times a day wait for your cat to finish eating before calling their name again at some point they might even look at you waiting for the command from now on every time that you put the bowl of food down call their name even if they are already present yeah the clicker allows us to mark behaviors with quite a lot of precision try to mark the behavior always at the same distance i personally consider she came on command when she's within my arm's reach if you like the video give it a thumbs up this helps other cat owners know that this content is useful and it helps me reach more people thanks for watching enjoy the training stay down good girl then wait a second click here in the link or here i freaking never guess there's a link somewhere please click on the link

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