What to Buy for younger moms ?

it's under 30 and it has a spot for your wine glass it has a spot um for your ipad a spot for everything. it's so neat and i absolutely love it and i think this would be a great gift for a new mom to pamper herself in the bathtub.

1. recipe books

The last gift i have for new moms or younger moms is recipe books now if you are maybe a grandma or you are a mom to a younger mom. i think passing down a recipe book is so like beautiful and it's family traditions so that's why i included two different recipe books one's like more modern and one's more like traditional like family traditional type of looking um and i thought it'd be a really like beautiful gift if you buy it and then write out like all your family recipes in there to pass down to your younger daughter.
i think that's so beautiful her granddaughter whoever i think it's a very special gift and one that any woman would treasure okay let's move on to our mature women our queens our grandmas um i i love looking for gifts for like my grandma and mom.
2.Cute hat for mama
                                        Cute hat for mama. Click to buy.

just because especially my mom and grandma are very like traditional they love all the grandma gifts like you know the corny ones and stuff like they love all that and i just think. that's very special because some people some women are into that and don't want to have like the grandma hoodie and the grandma coffee mug or whatever but my mom and grandma are those women and i think it's very sweet and traditional.
i really enjoy that and cherish that so i have a couple of those items and then i have more like modern day gifts as well so the first thing is a teapot grandmas and older moms love tea
i love tea you don't have to be old to drink tea but i'm just saying and i just think a teapot on a stove is so classy and beautiful so i picked out two teapots to share with you today and the first one is going to be for like my farmhouse kitchen lovers i think this is so sweet.

3. tea sampler set

so here it is it has a cute little animals like the chicken on top so precious you could do that with like a tea sampler set which i have an amazing one that i will also share down below my husband got me it from amazon last year for christmas and i've loved the teas from it i can't think off the top of my head what brand it is but seriously so good would make a really cute gift and then i'm sharing the high-end one the one that i personally want for christmas myself and that's the mackenzie child's teapot and the courtly check this is a little bit of a pretty penny at 125 but it is a statement piece
it's a statement piece i think it's gorgeous i love it i'm obsessed with it hint my husband who's watching this um i i just think it's adorable and it's just a statement so
so if you are looking to spoil your mother or your grandma this is it okay next up is going to be a mother's ring so my mom has always said like she wants a mother's ring um sometime and i'm kind of like waiting to get her one until i know i'm having more kids or not
um so they are just a very timeless piece there's such a sentimental value to them and i love that so here it is and it's from things remembered and i just think it's very simple it cuts right to the chase there's not a lot of fuss to it i think it's very sentimental and would make any mom tear up and be so grateful that you thought of her to give her a gift like this whether it has the grandkids or just her kids birthstones on it it's a very heartwarming gift make sure though if you go to order
this that you order it immediately because it is december 5th today meaning we only have 20 days left.
um i just don't know maybe because like the bathtub is in my kids bathroom and like all their toys are always in it and it's just like it. it's not like peaceful and calm in that bathroom all the time so i'm just i don't know i'm not a big bath person maybe if i had like a fancy bathtub in our in our bathroom or something but um a lot of women are bath people and i love this tray.